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"There once was a hobo named Joe. He liked to put on a show. He got up and danced, but then he got pantsed. And now, where he is, we don't know." -Adam Hockenberry

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A lot has happened since my last post. For starters, I got engaged to the girl I've been with for 4 years now.
Secondly, I bought my first car. This is the second car I've owned, my dad bought the first one for me. So that's an awesome feeling. Next, I got my first apartment. My fiance will be moving in with me in the middle of December.

Work has kept me extremely busy, and now I'm switching over to gate guard duty. FML. The navy is so fun sometimes, srsly.

As far as art and shit, I haven't produced much lately. I've been improving a lot, I think... Anyways, just thought I might update my account. Leave a comment. Or don't. Just enjoy the latest outfit sketches for Vivian.

Sorry for the long AFK... Or, AFNG.

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Limits Were Broken 5 Points

Use an awesome limit break for the first time.

First Casualty 5 Points

Watch a player die, as you do nothing to help.

Pervert 5 Points

Please don't leave 100,000 comments about this again. Seriously, you freaks.

New Skill Learnt 5 Points

Learn the first of many new skills.

Burn Baby Burn 5 Points

Set a foe on fire, and watch them burn.

First Blood 5 Points

Defeat your first foe, and become a hardened killer.

Deforestation Problem 25 Points

Enter Ashwood Forest for the first time.

Chicken Molester 5 Points

Seriously stress out a chicken. Just don't stab it.

Used Strength 5 Points

Push an unwanted block out of the way. It will not be missed.

Newbie Warrior 10 Points

Discover the standard 3-hit melee combo.