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Entry #67

Sorry for the long AFK... Or, AFNG.

2011-11-20 21:00:05 by LordArashi888

A lot has happened since my last post. For starters, I got engaged to the girl I've been with for 4 years now.
Secondly, I bought my first car. This is the second car I've owned, my dad bought the first one for me. So that's an awesome feeling. Next, I got my first apartment. My fiance will be moving in with me in the middle of December.

Work has kept me extremely busy, and now I'm switching over to gate guard duty. FML. The navy is so fun sometimes, srsly.

As far as art and shit, I haven't produced much lately. I've been improving a lot, I think... Anyways, just thought I might update my account. Leave a comment. Or don't. Just enjoy the latest outfit sketches for Vivian.

Sorry for the long AFK... Or, AFNG.


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2011-11-28 01:26:05

Nobody gives a shit.

LordArashi888 responds:

Laxatives, laxatives for everyone!


2011-12-02 01:23:31

*Gives a shit.

Brocoliclock mind = blown

That's cool dude. We'll find time, sometime.

LordArashi888 responds:

I knoooow. Fuuuuuuuuck life.


2011-12-02 22:20:52

Those drawings/sketches are really good!

LordArashi888 responds:

Thanks! I'm only decent at line art. I can't color worth a shit! (Whoa, those laxatives must be working!)


2011-12-18 18:48:19

The only thing left to improve on your drawings is just the head. :D


2012-02-23 03:09:04


LordArashi888 responds:



2012-02-27 03:08:46

Fuck has four letters in it, Professor.

LordArashi888 responds:

Holy shit, this just blew my fuckin' mind.


2013-12-30 10:10:38

make a hentai game